How do we make plots salty?

We source plots and design all types of projects thereon that exactly meets the market…not too much or too little…but exactly the right configuration and design scheme to create the perfect flavour for each project…

The 3 key areas to creating a successful project…
Plot Sourcing

This is where 95% fail, they don’t possess the eyes to see or have the work ethic to do all the due diligence. To create an exquisite dish, you must know the recipe, you must know what all the ingredients are or it’s not going to taste right. It’s identical with Property Developing…
Do you have the eyes to see?

Design Schemes

Now that you’ve sourced your project and it has all the right ingredients, do you know exactly what to create with it? What is the perfect product that will meet the appetite of your intended market or business, and create a positive impact on the immediate area?
Do you know?


Do you know if there are 10 or 20 similar projects in the same street or area dishing up the same product as you? Are you aware of the masterplan, the overall intended feast? Can you foresee supply and demand issues, too much or too little dishes?
Do you understand the dynamics of all the various stakeholders involved?

If you don’t know then you need to engage someone who does!
What does a Salty Plots client look like?

Contrary to what you might
think, it is NOT a property
developer, we DO NOT serve
property developers, NO.

We primarily serve two markets:
Property Investors

Property Investors – an individual or group of individuals that are seeking to invest in the property market as a property developer, without actually being one. They solely come with the financial resources and a financial outcome they’re desiring to achieve.

Business Owners

Business Owners – a company or group of companies that are seeking to rollout an expansion plan by utilising specific classification types of properties to achieve their desired outcome.

Salty Plots was created to specifically cater to the ever-hungry appetites of these clients…our expertise, our experience, our know-hows are catered directly to their palates, we intimately know the right taste for this clientele…
ENOUGH SAID, I’m sure your taste buds
are talking to you by now!
Take the first step
Introduce yourself, say hello, don’t be shy, let us know what you’re desiring to achieve, let Salty Plots add the much-needed salt to bring out the different flavours from all the ingredients, so you can achieve substantially greater ROI’s…
OH! And we love individuals that have seriously big appetites!